Saturday, March 5, 2011

Polished Casual???

I did a fun  quiz which you can too, just follow the link
                           BHG what is your decorating style

 I did this and apparently my style is Polished Casual, the 3 photos above were just some of the examples that where given, while these pictures appealed ,I could not really see my style, but then I started to think and it occurred to me that the room that I had most recently decorated (3 years ago) was very like these pictures. Now keep in mind our rumpus room with the exception of the pool table was done on a tight budget as we had spent most of our money on the building the extension.

Lounge $800, rug $60, table $120

Bar, stools and buffet $550(ebay)

Painting $150 (auction)

Kramer Painting $4 (including frame online)

I would love to know if anyone else does this quiz, what style they have and if you agree with it.


  1. That looks very nice, Sharon. I did the test and got Country French, perhaps because I chose the easy chair and Paris for the holiday.
    Hugs, Jan

  2. I am country. which is all so true. I love Kramer lol! 8>)

  3. I didn't take the test but I think mine is Early Attic style. I love that room. What a wonderful place to just hang out. That Kramer picture really adds a lot to it. What a deal.

  4. I took the test and I am Cottage Style. I love your rumpus room ~ great family room ;-)

  5. Okay I will go take the right back.....

  6. Cottage. No big surprise there :D
    Thanks for the link, Sharon!

  7. Another Country French here - and I was surprised as I was all over the place with my answers - but my house is more Country French than anything default!

  8. I was Cottage style! Fits me to a tea! :) I love your room, what a great place to hang out and the Kramer painting is very cool!!! Love it!! :)

  9. Afte admiring your bar and stools in a previous post and now seeing that you got them on ebay... a steal, I tell you! A STEAL! And that Kramer portrait is a classic :)

  10. I took the quiz. Same - polished casual. The description sounded about right. Love the Kramer painting, btw.