Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Corrections

I picked up Jonathan Franzens 'The Corrections' last year as a special offer from Amazon, it was suggested on email as something I would enjoy, I do not know how Amazon makes these suggestions sometimes they are bang on and sometimes as in this one they are way off. So why did I buy it? well it came with his latest book 'Freedom' which I am currently reading but thats another review later all I can say is do not judge one by the other.The other reason it appealed to me was that it had some great reviews ,and also I'll admit I always judge a book by its cover, I can't help it it's how I am with everything but people.
Another thing about me is that if I do not like a book at any stage I will not continue to read it and yet even though I did not like The Corrections and I found it a depressing but true to life story, it was very well written which is the only reason I can think of that I finished it.
Overall it delivered only one of the things I like from a book which is something to help me drift off to sleep of a night.If you enjoy reality when you read perhaps you may enjoy this ,I do not I want to be entertained and escape, I don't mind a good cry but in a healthy way, there wasn't anything healthy about the gloominess of this book at all.
I know lots of you may have read this and I would love to hear what you thoought of it.


  1. Sounds a book I may want to avoid rather than read...thanks..I'll steer clear of it!

  2. LOL I have a review I'll be writing later on today, and I dread it, Sharon. Freedom is on my to be read list, so I hope you liked it better. I will anxiously await your review!

    Ricki Jill