Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YASI ! A Cyclone its apopalyptic -in the words of the locals!

Last night was the second time this year that I went to bed after midnight worried about Queensland ,this Cyclone is massive and all predictions where for loss of life overnight.

I woke this morning so far miraculously no loss of life ,one Baby born and huge destruction.

Sydney is 2500 kms or 1550 Miles from the centre and this morning the wind is howling like a banshee I expect trees and some small damage this far south from the sound of the wind which I would say is gale force ,if the noise here is a small indication of the sound up close ,I hope I never ever have to experience it.

Below are some pictures to help give you an idea of just what they are dealing with.

Yasi overlayed on a map of the US

Yasi overlayed on a map of Asia


  1. It's huge! ANd I have not heard anything about it because the US was just hit with one of the largest blizzards ever. Thank heavens it's just cold here in Central Alabama, but we might have an ice storm Friday morning. I hope you don't have any damage!

  2. Thank God that the people up there were safe but I think that the clean up is going to very traumatic for them all. I feel so sorry for the farmers who are probably only just recovering financially from Cyclone Larry. Why is mother Nature so fickle this week....

    Best wishes,

  3. Oh! I saw this storm this morning on TV right after they talked about our US blizzard. It sounded frightening. Those pictures are unbelieveable. Glad it wasn't quite as bad as expected, but I know it still wasn't good.

    Stay safe!

  4. Heard about that today, they said on TV that we have only had one hurricane that size ever! Lord, the weather is crazy everywhere, I live in Orlando so it is warm, but the a huge portion of the country was just hit by a huge blizzard. You stay safe, we'll stay tuned!


  5. I have been watching the news and following the storm on the net.
    The weather has been unforgiving for the people of Queensland. I hope you and your family stay safe thinking of all my friends in the land down under.
    Sending a friendly(( hug ))

  6. I stayed up as late as I could too..just concerned about them all..'til my eyes just wouldn't stay open. So glad this morning to find no human life was lost!

  7. I heard about this last night on the news and wondered about you and hoped you were safe, i had no idea where you were in relation to the storm!!! So glad to hear no lives were lost, enough already!!! The flood was dreadful!!! Stay safe and keep us posted!!