Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Official! It is the Last Weekend of Summer!

Yes it is official, this is the last weekend of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
I can't help but be a little sad,
The days in Sydney will stay warm to hot really until mid May.
I am taking advantage of the milder weather to enjoy my garden, and have a beverage on my verandah,
if I had a genie in a bottle(who doesn't want one of those) my drink would be in this pretty silver jug on this lovley country verandah.

Back to reality which is still pretty nice!

                                 Yes I admit there is a little bourbon in there.

                                                My Hydrangeas are finished until next summer.

                  I love the new pressed metal planters to the right, sorry for the terrible picture.

Seasonal Saturday

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  1. I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer. Your porch looks so inviting! Enjoy your weekend :D

    Ricki Jill

  2. I really got into your garden with that huge picture you showed...lovely place!

  3. You're saying goodbye to Summer and we're waiting for it to arrive!!! Great photos, love your place, looks so comfy and nice, like we could walk up and sit with you on your porch. Love it!!

  4. Love your porch... and the planter! Your garden looks lovely and peaceful!

  5. I want to be on that veranda! It's so inviting..I can't wait till spring..We have had so much snow, and cold, we heat with a wood stove and I am so sick of stuffin' that stove. It is on from late fall till, well, probably into April. It's great for the heat but a lot of work and very dusty. How cold does it get by you in the winter?

  6. thank you for sharing your lovely "snow free" photos. I am sure everyone gets tired of hearing us whine about the snow but is has been a tiresome winter with too much of it. We are gazing out at over 4 feet now and it is 18 degrees F so reading about your warmth does help. I know what you mean about the end of summer being bittersweet, I never look forward to the end of that season.

  7. Oh please, no apologies for the 'bad' this snow-ridden, northern hemisphere person, your garden & porch setting look like heaven.

    I cannot wait for spring to spring and the snow to melt away.

    Thanks for sharing your images!

  8. Sharon, Your porch and garden are lovely. It'd be great if I could sit with you on the porch and enjoy a diet Coke or a cup of tea.
    Blessings to you my sweet friend!

  9. Sharon, I always dread the end of warm weather too. Spring is bursting out here in the south. I have spent the day cutting grass for the first time and getting my flower garden in better shape. hugs♥O

  10. Coke Zero and bourbon - girl after my own heart! Hey - just gave you a bloggie award on my site - come on over and pull it down!

  11. These pictures are so lovely! We are freezing cold here in So Cal, warm summer nights sound especially tempting!