Friday, February 11, 2011

If I Won a Free Makover for One Room in my House it would be???

                            This is a post I am doing just for a Blog Party being Held by one of my Favourite     
                                  Bloggers Liz at  Its Great to Be Home , Yes it would be my Red Lounge

This is what I am starting with ,now I must say my husband is great at painting,
however it is not something he likes doing and me well I am the ideas girl.
I really have to convince him and right now he is not convinced.

Perhaps when I show him the pictures below he may change his mind
 what do you think?
Now I am being a responsible wife ,I am not asking for new furniture I intend to keep
all of the existing furniture and even the artwork.

All I am going to change is the wall colour ,the window treatments,the cushions and
well maybe a couple chairs like the ones shown with the green and teal I looove them oh and mayby
new lamps and shades and I promiseI will not paint the floors , I promise thats really all ,not much ask is it?


  1. I love the light and airy look of a white room and the green is fabulous! Come on girl use your womanly charms on him. Oh and if I haven’t said before your home looks fantastic to me already. I admire your style.

  2. I tell ya what... I love the way you're room looks now! :)

  3. Obviously you are wanting to go from a red lounge to a light and airy white one. I bet your DH (dear husband) will go along with your ideas. Just show him the pictures! You and I have very similar tastes in home decorating. I love all the images you posted :D

  4. Definitely not too much to ask for! I say go for the painting asap! It's such an easy (relatively) fix and instantly changes the feel of the room. Our family room has been three different colors, and we've only lived in this house for years!

    The green and white chairs in that bottom left image are to die for. I LOVE them!

    PS - your keyboard is doing something to your commas - it's putting a space before them - like this: for example ,they...
    If it was me, I'd want to know! So just thought I'd point it out! :)

    PPS SO jealous of your 73 degree weather. It's way below freezing here. :(

  5. Oh my goodness, you have GORGEOUS French doors and your floors and to die for!! I love the idea of switching to a light and airy lounge - just that change with a few new throw pillows would give you such a different feel. I'm with you and everybody else, those green patterned chairs are amazing - if you could find fabric like that you'd be in business!

    P.S. It's so fun reading about your dream makeover, thanks so much for joining the blog party! :)

  6. The green chairs are definitely awesome! Tell your hubby we all vote for the makeover!

  7. I am drooling over your french doors.

    Don't tell him about all the other things. Just say, paint. That's all. And then later, maybe a new pillow? Then... oh here's a cute chair, what do you think? Reel him in, slowly...... ;-)