Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am Getting Crafty! Well I Never!!

          No seriously, I have never ever done anything crafty, and to be honest
I have never even had the inclination, it just did not interest me at all,(sorry but it's true) I liked to buy other peoples crafts but not do my own, no way.
         But then I started seeing cloches on blogs, which I straight away fell head over heels for them.
         What was the first thing I did, of course off I went to various homewares stores, and soon I realised that they where going cost, a lot more than I wanted to pay.
         I read all of these beautiful blogs and I so wanted one of those cloches.
         I was walking past my buffet last week and there it was, a cheese platter and cloche right beneath my proverbial nose, which I got 29 years ago for an engagement present and I had never used it not even once.
         I plotted, I planned, I imagined my local hardware store may have some sample pots of paint.

I began, I painted the base which not including the shopping for paint took me
2 minutes maximum.

Cost $5 for sample paint, I culdn't wait to see how it looked so I placed the little birds from coffee table in there
but I have seen some sweet white painted birds that I will probably buy on Saturday.
It seems perhaps even I can do crafts:)

I could not resist posting this photo of my budgie I keep him on another buffet, looks real doesn't he, better still no mess and no feeding!

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  1. Wow, sweet birdie on the repainted base. Couldn't agree more blogging gives us inspiration. I also have just done a repainting on a shelf. Environmental friendly and save something may got trash. Enjoy crafty.

  2. I know what you mean about never was my thang...until this past year. Now I love it, still not great at it, but getting better! You need to add a little moss to the birdies:)

  3. I love crafting!! And there's no end to the lovely things to make!! I never get bored with thinking up knew things.

    Your cloche is beeeeyooootiful!! I want one!!


  4. Everyone is doing some amazing things with cloches (you, too). I need a cloche, LOL :D

  5. It looks beautiful Sharon, you did a great job! I love the birds you put in under the cloche and the last bird does look real, I had to look and look again! Have fun creating!

  6. You are a fabulous crafter!!! That is soooo awesome!! I hope to see more crafty things from you!
    And, your bird is perfect. He does look real!

  7. I agree with the last comment. lovely greetings

  8. I still haven't found a cloche! You did a wonderful job transforming the cheese dish into one. That budgie looks so real!

  9. I love cloches! Wonderful job, it's beautiful now!! :) Your bloggy friends are rubbing off on you and you got all crafty, isn't the outcome fun? Love it!! And your budgie is beautiful!! (the perfect kind of bird in my opinion) :)

  10. I am just starting to craft again, a little. Everything here looks so cute. I am visiting and following from Bella Vita Fresh and Clean Friday.
    My husband has a niece who lives in Australia, De Wye Beach or something like that!
    Happy Weekend;)

  11. i LOVE that you just re-stumbled upon this! that's even better than finding one in a store. when i did my cloche, and found my first cheesedome, i swear i heard angels singing, lol!

  12. You have an incredible gift and talent! I just love these! Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and sharing this last week on Fresh Clean and Pure Friday and Seasonal Saturday. I hope you can share something again this week.....just love your posts and am now happily following you! Roz at La Bella Vita