Friday, February 11, 2011

Completley Indulgent Post! Happy Birthday Rhiannon!

 These are my 2 children ,its now 2.14am 12th February and officially its Rhiannon's 22nd Birthday, why am I writing this post?
Because I am so happy ,Ethan is 19 years old and they are the best of friends, this evening just past Rhiannons other friends and long time boyfriend Robin have organised celebration dinner/drinks and then a concert and Ethan has been invited and is going along.
Why is this something that as a mother makes my heart swell, because even though I have 2 sisters we are not very close and never speak or contact each other, all very long stories but I vowed that my children would always be friends and so far so good. 
I am not naive enough to think there will never be any issues as life goes on but the way things are going all is looking good.
Ethan who is a fulltime college student (read has no money) even used some of his hard to come by cash to buy new shoes and a new shirt for the occasion.


  1. Happy Birthday Rhiannon, Hope you all had a wonderful evening.

  2. Very beautiful family! happy Birthday, Rhiannon :D

  3. Happy birthday to Rhiannon! I think that that is wonderful that they are the best of friends. My brother and I didn't talk much for years (due to his ex) but now that she is out of the picture we talk more than ever! I hope that they continue with that through their lives! Your kids are gorgeous btw! Have a wonderful weekend!