Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Bargains and Bigger Decisions

 This is my latest bargain ,I was shopping for my daughters Birthday ,and I wandered into the local bargain shop.
                 There it was, just what I wanted ,I had seen plenty of these but none in my colour palette .
              There's a catch though I could not buy just this one I had to buy the whole set of 3 ,what could I do of course I bought the set.
                     Once I got home the red one started to grow on me but I still just am not too certain ?
               The thing with bargains is that they often need compromise and the frugal side of me just doesn't want to let the 3rd one go!


  I really need your help should I go with my original and just keep the biege or should I keep one or both of the others ,I am really thinking I will keep the red one too!

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  1. I love them !!! But the Union Jack is just wrong....It should say Keep Calm And Drink TEA!
    Us Brits love our tea Lol!

  2. I like them all..but only you know where you have a place to put one or both or all of them! It doesn't seem to make sense though to put up two posters that say the same thing.

  3. I love the bright colors of all of them together!!! But I am a big fan of red...follow your heart!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  4. I like the red one! (The original war posters were red). Red is my favorite color, so I am a bit prejudiced!

    Ricki Jill

  5. I love red and yet it is not a calming color for me. I think your original choice is best. The beige matches your color scheme, as you pointed out, and it is fitting for it's message.

  6. Tough choice. I really like the orginal tan colored one. But then the crown on the red one is cute. I'm not feeling the flag one - it's very very busy. I would probably keep both the red and tan and then switch them out to see which one grows on you.

  7. The beige one speaks calmness to me. Since they came as a set, maybe you can find something creative to do with the other two.

  8. I like them all (I know I am no help :) ) but the beige one is calming and the red one gives a pop to a room so I guess it depends what you are looking for. Maybe hang one for a couple days and then hang another and see what works best. Sometimes you have to live it for a while to see. Good luck and anyway you go they are all wonderful!

  9. i like the one you first chose the best. the perfect color and the perfect saying!

    also, i gave you an award. you can see it here:


  10. I like the splash of color too...I am more of a color gal:)

  11. I love the middle and red one, Sharon. I've seen many bloggers use the "keep calm and carry on" slogan on their blog and I know a blogger who has the "keep calm and drink coffee" plaque in her kitchen:)

  12. I know a coffee addict that would like that sign!

    Visiting from welcome wednesday. Great to see another Aussie blogger. :-)

  13. I LOVE coffee!!

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    Have a blessed rest of your week!!

  14. I like the red & beige one, thinking I need the 'keep calm drink coffee' for my office too! I am your newest follower. Hop on by my blog and do the same. Take advantage of all the latest coupons, giveaways, freebies, promotions, and so much more. Hope to 'see' you around more!
    Stay Fabulous
    Nothing But Fabulousity

  15. I'd definetly be keeping all of them.That way you can swap them around when you feel like it..xx

  16. This is me hoping that you kept the red one!!! How FUN they all are!!!

    ;-D robelyn