Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Bare Coffee Table to a Just Perfect Coffee Table !

My original coffee table which I absolutley love, it is a bit bare though!

I have had this coffee table for a few years now after I inherited it from my Grandmother, and even though it is very intricately carved
it has always seemed a little plain, slowly I have added a couple sweet little birds and some blue and white china balls.
But still it was lacking, so one evening I was catching up on my magazine reading and there it was,
a clear glass vase which would still allow for the tables beauty to be seen but would lift it just a little.

Here is the finished result ,1 Glass vase $6.95 and 3 artificial Hydrangeas $7.50 each
all up $30.45, need I say it BARGAIN!!


  1. So much needed something with a bit of height didn't it!

  2. Looks wonderful!!! What a gorgeous coffee table, I love it!!!

  3. That is a bargain! I love finding just the exact thing to make something beautiful really come alive.


  4. Perfect vignette. I love the colors....and it is not overdone, so you can appreciate your grandmother's special table. The carving is spectacular.

    Great job at a great price :D

  5. Very pretty! Just enough of color. The table is absolutely gorgeous, I can see why you would want to show off the top.

  6. Your coffee table is really gorgeous and a wonderful heirloom. I think the flowers in a clear vase are the perfect addition to it!

  7. I do love that table...and it's looking terrific with its new bits. I love all the detail. Well, who wouldn't!

  8. Fabulous coffee table! Loving those gorgeous details! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  9. lookin good my friend! I think that is an absolutely gorgeous table!