Monday, February 28, 2011

It Feels Like I have Won and Oscar!!!

So I meant to google a picture of an Oscar Award ,instead this guy pops up, and truly I think he suits me better.
It has been a big week in Blog world for me this week.
First of all it is my 2 month anniversary , I know I know I cannot celebrate every month and hopefully I will start to calm down about it, and then today I reached 100 Followers/ Friends which has totally amazed me, isn't it wonderful that I now have 100 more people in my life who like things that I like.
My 100th follower is Lynne at Cottage Creek, Lynn has 98 followers and I am really trying to be the 100th on hers, I find it amazing that now I have 100 new people in my life with similar interests. I have learnt so much in this last 2 months a look back to my earlier posts tells me this, although I do know I have a long long way to go but isn't that half of the fun of blogging.

The other great thing that happened this week, Sheri @ The Simasek- Kibler Project honoured me with a Stylish Blogger Award, I have been following Sheri for some time now and really enjoy her blog if you haven't already please pop over and take a look.

 One of the things I am required to do is to tell you 7 things about myself:

1) I am very competitive and constantly have to pull myself back and think why it is that I am doing something

2) I am an absolute Type A personality once again I need to reign myself in

3) I grew up in a very poor family and was determined that my children would have everything they needed, now I did not say not everything they wanted but what they needed there is a big big difference between the two.

4) I am addicted to coffee and must have at least 2 cups in the morning to get started

5) I have just discovered wine, until a year ago I could not stand it, however it looked like such a  relaxing thing to do and in moderation is very enjoyable, it is definitely an acquired taste

6) Both my Danny (husband) and I have never smoked and cannot understand why anyone would want to, both of our children have smoked and I find this very distressing, it seems that all of the education is just not getting through

7)I should end this on a lighter note because sometimes I am too serious, my favourite movie the UK version of Death at a funeral, its quirky, its wrong but it is very very funny. Just recently the Chris Rock version was on Telly(TV) and I watched it fully prepared not to enjoy it as something just always gets lost in the remake ,however this was almost as funny and both are enjoyable movies.

Now drum roll please:-D the 7 blogs I wish to pass this on to are:

Art @ Home

Babbs Place

Shirley Behind the Lens

Sydney City

7294 Cottage Way

Opulent Cottage


This has been so hard to do as all of the blogs I follow are wonderful in their own way, if you have not seen these before please visit them and leave a comment we all love getting comments I know I do:D
Stylish Blogger Award....
-Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. 
--Share seven things about yourself.
--Award seven recently discovered new blogs.--Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Australiana House Styles and Memories!

This is a collage I did for Mosaic Monday,
recently I have been looking at architecture, I love the older Australian styles and wanted to show how they have influenced us when we built our home.Yes I wish I could have bought and original old home however in the area we wanted to live in there where very few available and they cost a fortune plus maintenance is a huge factor so we compromised and built brand new.

Our biggest influence was the Federation style home but we have taken a little from all of them, a Verandah was a big must have and is an important part of Australian homes, not just for aesthetics but they help to keep the house cool, and growing up in the 60's and 70's without Air conditioning or insulation in a flat roofed fibro house we slept many a hot night on the front Verandah of our home, yes PJ's and all, my Dad would sleep at the entry of the Verandah and my 2 sisters and I would be safe behind him, poor mum of course slept inside in the heat. Nowadays with A/C and swimming pools those summer nights of sitting on the steps talking to the neighbours late into the evening and having an impromptu  water fight with the garden hose are just distant memories. I imagine if I tried to get my kids to sleep on the verandah someone would have called the authorities for child cruelty although believe it or not we are in an area that this would still safe to do so.
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I had to add this picture I took this morning while driving through Burwood quite an old suburb of Sydney,
This is a beautiful example of Colonial architecture, it now stands on what is the corner of a very busy road just over from a crossover bridge for the Western Sydney Train Line.
Besides being wonderful example of Australian architecture, I also like to think about what it could tell you of the people who have lived there.
Above the front step is the houses name which was a popular thing to do back in the early years of Sydney, this house is called 'Chontai' I have googled this name but cannot find any significant meaning.
The colours used to paint this house are traditional for the original time period, not too sure about the picket fence though.

Then my husband and I drove over to Silverwater on the Parramatta River for breakfast at the Armory, yes this was the place where arms where and still are stored.

We watched the rivercat go up and down ferrying people to Circular Quay in the heart of Sydney.
Mr Infatuated my husband enjoyed a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs, now the plan was to take a picture however we waited so long that when the food arrived I completely forgot to take a picture of my yummy eggs Benedict and home made baked beans,but Danny's was still picture worthy.
And then Mr I and I went shopping at DFO(Direct Factory Outlet) ,he was so well behaved and happily shopped for the next 2 hours, what bliss and what a great Sunday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Official! It is the Last Weekend of Summer!

Yes it is official, this is the last weekend of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
I can't help but be a little sad,
The days in Sydney will stay warm to hot really until mid May.
I am taking advantage of the milder weather to enjoy my garden, and have a beverage on my verandah,
if I had a genie in a bottle(who doesn't want one of those) my drink would be in this pretty silver jug on this lovley country verandah.

Back to reality which is still pretty nice!

                                 Yes I admit there is a little bourbon in there.

                                                My Hydrangeas are finished until next summer.

                  I love the new pressed metal planters to the right, sorry for the terrible picture.

Seasonal Saturday

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Guinea Impatiens! or Busy Lizzies!!

Yesterday I was shopping for some paint, of course I could not resit these beautiful Impatiens
or as we used to call them Busy Lizzies.
I popped them outside to be transplanted on Saturday and then as if on queue we had a torrential summer storm.
I couldn't resist these pictures with raindrops still on the petals.
After the rain the late afternoon sky was just delightful couldn't resist taking a photo of this too.
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I am Getting Crafty! Well I Never!!

          No seriously, I have never ever done anything crafty, and to be honest
I have never even had the inclination, it just did not interest me at all,(sorry but it's true) I liked to buy other peoples crafts but not do my own, no way.
         But then I started seeing cloches on blogs, which I straight away fell head over heels for them.
         What was the first thing I did, of course off I went to various homewares stores, and soon I realised that they where going cost, a lot more than I wanted to pay.
         I read all of these beautiful blogs and I so wanted one of those cloches.
         I was walking past my buffet last week and there it was, a cheese platter and cloche right beneath my proverbial nose, which I got 29 years ago for an engagement present and I had never used it not even once.
         I plotted, I planned, I imagined my local hardware store may have some sample pots of paint.

I began, I painted the base which not including the shopping for paint took me
2 minutes maximum.

Cost $5 for sample paint, I culdn't wait to see how it looked so I placed the little birds from coffee table in there
but I have seen some sweet white painted birds that I will probably buy on Saturday.
It seems perhaps even I can do crafts:)

I could not resist posting this photo of my budgie I keep him on another buffet, looks real doesn't he, better still no mess and no feeding!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Bare Coffee Table to a Just Perfect Coffee Table !

My original coffee table which I absolutley love, it is a bit bare though!

I have had this coffee table for a few years now after I inherited it from my Grandmother, and even though it is very intricately carved
it has always seemed a little plain, slowly I have added a couple sweet little birds and some blue and white china balls.
But still it was lacking, so one evening I was catching up on my magazine reading and there it was,
a clear glass vase which would still allow for the tables beauty to be seen but would lift it just a little.

Here is the finished result ,1 Glass vase $6.95 and 3 artificial Hydrangeas $7.50 each
all up $30.45, need I say it BARGAIN!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I have been saving this photo for a couple of weeks now ,just for Valentines Day.
Are they my flowers?
I have to admit they are not, will I get any ?probably not, whose are they?
My daughter got these from her Boyfriend for the anniversay of their going out with each other for 3 years.

Me I won't get flowers, what I do have is a loving husband who comes home every night,
Who never fails to kiss me goodbye in the morning regardless of what time it is or if I am asleep.
Who never complains when it is his job to put the garbages out and bring them.
Who always does the heavy lifting.
Who warms the car for me before we go out or makes sure the aircon is running so that the temperature is just right.
Who never complains if I do not feel like cooking. 
Who turns a blind eye to how much I spend on shopping for clothes.
Who hates to paint but will still do it if I ask nicely.
Who will make me a cup of coffee even after he has worked all day.
Who has worked 6 to 7 days a week since we have been married to give us the best lifstyle he can.
Who still makes my heart beat a little faster when he walks into the room after 28 years of marriage.
No I won't be getting flowers but that is ok :) sometimes its what you do!
 not what you buy!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dusk Friday 11th February 2011

                I am heading over to a fun party Skywatch Friday, this is like
                      around the world in 80 seconds and so beautiful

Completley Indulgent Post! Happy Birthday Rhiannon!

 These are my 2 children ,its now 2.14am 12th February and officially its Rhiannon's 22nd Birthday, why am I writing this post?
Because I am so happy ,Ethan is 19 years old and they are the best of friends, this evening just past Rhiannons other friends and long time boyfriend Robin have organised celebration dinner/drinks and then a concert and Ethan has been invited and is going along.
Why is this something that as a mother makes my heart swell, because even though I have 2 sisters we are not very close and never speak or contact each other, all very long stories but I vowed that my children would always be friends and so far so good. 
I am not naive enough to think there will never be any issues as life goes on but the way things are going all is looking good.
Ethan who is a fulltime college student (read has no money) even used some of his hard to come by cash to buy new shoes and a new shirt for the occasion.

If I Won a Free Makover for One Room in my House it would be???

                            This is a post I am doing just for a Blog Party being Held by one of my Favourite     
                                  Bloggers Liz at  Its Great to Be Home , Yes it would be my Red Lounge

This is what I am starting with ,now I must say my husband is great at painting,
however it is not something he likes doing and me well I am the ideas girl.
I really have to convince him and right now he is not convinced.

Perhaps when I show him the pictures below he may change his mind
 what do you think?
Now I am being a responsible wife ,I am not asking for new furniture I intend to keep
all of the existing furniture and even the artwork.

All I am going to change is the wall colour ,the window treatments,the cushions and
well maybe a couple chairs like the ones shown with the green and teal I looove them oh and mayby
new lamps and shades and I promiseI will not paint the floors , I promise thats really all ,not much ask is it?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something Small makes a Big Change! and my First Etsy Purchase

This is my Kitchen table after just a small change , in my earlier post it still wasn't working for me
  So I went to Etsy and bought a new table runner from UK for half the price   that I could buy here in Australia .
                                 Here is the before photo.

                                     What do you think ?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Awards!!! and my 50th Post!!!

Oh My! I just got an award from   The Cape On the Corner what a crafty creative blogger and I love to get my craft fix by reading her blog .I am so excited tp receive these awards and what better way to celebrate and write my 50TH post.

I may have mentioned this before but I have been blogging for 6 weeks ,and my main concern after ' would anybody read my posts' was 'would I run out of writing material' so far so good.

As all of you may know I need to tell you 7 Random facts about myself and pass it on to 15 other deserving bloggers ,Easy as a walk in the park ,passing it on yes , Random facts not so sure:)

Here goes:

1)I love to watch Tv ,preferably the Lifestyle Channel especially 'My House is Worth What' which is funny because its mostly out of date by the time I see it in Australia
2) I have a confession I am a Mortgage Broker ,I know not the most popular profession at the moment ,but I actually love it ,it combines my love of homes ,my desire to assist people meet their goals and my analytical mind ,plus it puts to use my more than 30 years of working in the Financial world, and I get to work for myself from my home.
3)We have 2 great kids Rhiannon(yes we did get it from Fleetwood mac) and Ethan (yes we did get it from John Wayne when he played Uncle Ethan) .
4) If I could I would love to live in another country preferable America in medium sized country town ,did I mention I love the US.
5) I am travelling to the US later this year for 3 weeks and I am beside myself with joy and excitement
6)I can trace my family back to the second convict fleet to sail from England ,Yes us Aussies actually admit to this now ,my husband can trace his lineage back to Robert the Bruce of Scotland ,my kids have real mixture,I also have some Jewish heritage
7)I have considered doing a Home Exchange holiday but have never been quite game enough ,I know one day I will as I think this would be an amazing way of stayng in another country .

Now for the easy part passing this on to some deserving bloggers:-

If you have recieved this award please pass on to another 15 deserving bloggers!

Big Bargains and Bigger Decisions

 This is my latest bargain ,I was shopping for my daughters Birthday ,and I wandered into the local bargain shop.
                 There it was, just what I wanted ,I had seen plenty of these but none in my colour palette .
              There's a catch though I could not buy just this one I had to buy the whole set of 3 ,what could I do of course I bought the set.
                     Once I got home the red one started to grow on me but I still just am not too certain ?
               The thing with bargains is that they often need compromise and the frugal side of me just doesn't want to let the 3rd one go!


  I really need your help should I go with my original and just keep the biege or should I keep one or both of the others ,I am really thinking I will keep the red one too!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Even in this Record Breaking Heat

So its Official the last couple of weeks have been the hottest period on record.

I went out the backyard because it is a little cooler ,only 32C(93F) :)
And even though my garden is looking worse for wear ,there was one Beautiful Peace Rose ,I normally do not pick my flowers ,but this tough little rose deserved a few cool days in vase of water.

 The Peace Rose was developed by French horticulturist Francis Meilland in the years 1935 to 1939. When Meilland foresaw the German invasion of France he sent cuttings to friends in Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the United States to protect the new rose. It is said, that it was sent to the US on the last plane available before the German invasion, where it was safely propagated by the Conard Pyle Company during the war.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Kitchen Table Bargains!

There is nothing I like better than a bargain ,I  bought these Candles for my Kitchen/Family Room table which is where we eat most of our meals .
I have a feeling that they where Christmas decorations that never sold ,most probably because of the price!

I love them because they are original and I have never seen anything similar ,I also love the price originally they where $29.95 each ,yes! that is correct so the three of them would have been $90 no way Jose would I pay that much,the good news is that they where $9.95 hmmm thats more like it.

So I bought them home and placed them on the table ,and well here is the picture .

Not even changing the angle improves them!

So I lived with them for a few weeks ,and thought about them for a few weeks ,I didn't want to diminish my happiness for the bargain that they were by paying fortune for a platter to be placed beneath them.

So today I went shopping to the local bargain store.
Three glass plates and 2kilo of river pebbles later and this is how they look now.

   All up they cost me $29.85 (candles) plus $12.95(plates and stones ) Total $42.75
         I think I still need more colour but overall I am ecstatic with my bargains!
           I would love to hear any suggestions for some additional colour ,I am not at all  keen on ivy which I have already considered ,far too Christmassy I think!

a href="" target="_blank">Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
Just Married with Coupons

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