Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a Difference 3 Years Makes

July 2007  mid winter- My Acacia tree has lost its leaves but you can still see how tiny it  is ,also notice the windows and stairs behind it -we where in the last year of 7 year drought

I have been trying to make my blog as interesting and attractive as I could ,and the lovley Pamela from 
from Backwoods cottage was kind enough to let me know about Picasa ,now it seems that at sometime I have used this before because when I downloaded it a whole lot of photos from July 2007 where there ,so I thought I would share with you the changes that 3 years and a different season can make ,I know it would be better if the photos where the same season but I still think you'll be amazed at the growth especially my trees have experenced in a short period of time.

January 2011- mid summer  after more summer rain than I can ever remember the room behind the Acacia tree is almost completly obscured ,also take a look at the outdoor table and how small it looks next to the tree

July 2007 ,the weeping cherry that never flowers has lost its leaves ,just to the left is the weeping lilli pilli, how exposed does house look?

January 2011(ignore the date stamp I had not worked out how to change it) my house is definitley more in scale now with the surroundings and actually looks like it belongs- lavender in front,then gardenias to the right a weeping lilli pilli ,middle  is the weeping cherry and to the left is a larger form of weeping lilli pilli This weeping lilli pilli is a rainforest tree native to australia they bear fruit which the early settlers made into jam.

Verandah July 2007

Verandah January 2011

 I hope your enjoyed as much as I did this comparison of my gardens in 2 different seasons 3 years apart!

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  1. You have a lovely home! Great changes! I visited Syndey years ago, and I remember how lovely the people there were! :)

  2. Wow - that is an amazing change. I bet it feels good to now be nestled among those beautiful trees.

  3. Great home. Found you on Sunday Favorites. I'm now a follower. 8>)

  4. Hello my friend...

    You certainly have a beautiful home! It was fun to see how different it looked from one season to the next! Your gardens are gorgeous! I have never heard of a weeping lilli pilli tree very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party! It's such a treat to have you!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Chari @Happy To Design