Saturday, January 22, 2011

Succulents in my Garden ,No fertiliser No water required!

I love succulents!

No Water!

No Fertiliser!

Full Sun!

and all in pots!

Plenty of colours here and sometimes they send up the most amazing flowerspikes ,usually after summer rains!

These are some of the flower spikes at then end of their days!

They also love to be pushed into the cracks of my sandstone retaining walls. And the grey tones set the stone colours off perfectly.

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  1. i love succulents! i don't have any, but i just love the look of them. i need to put some in pots this year, i think. and your blog name is the way i feel, too!

  2. Dear Sharon, I love,love,love...your beautiful succulents! I think I'm now going to love succulents and seeing yours has awakened me to the beauty of them. Love your garden stairs too! My husband and I grew up together and my brother was his best friend. I love that! We too were married in February...the 26th..going on 38 yrs!
    Young love can be lasting!
    I'm now going to folow you so I can see more!!
    Have a wonderful day,