Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Australia Day ! Phew what a Hot one!

                                  Have you heard the saying a 100 degrees in the shade ! 
                         Well today it was more like 110 degrees in the shade!

                           So what else was there to do but swim ,eat
                           and have few cold ones or in my case and the
                           ladies it a couple of low alcohol Champagnes

It was so hot the candles melted without being lit ,we are used to it but this is hot even for us!

This is the Aussie Male in his natural habitat ,the Flag tshirts provide camouflage ,and the obligatory stubby holder ,plus the baggy green cap (cricket cap)

And then Swimming,swimming and more swimming!
What a nice place for a Siesta ,I did not get one but I was eyeing it off!

Home now in the air conditioning its 9.50pm and still 25 degrees(75F)

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  1. Happy Australia Day! lovely greetings from Bulgaria

  2. Looks like a wonderful day....ahhhh, to feel the warmth!!! :) Happy Australia day!

  3. I can tell you had such fun with Australia Day! What fun to have a backyard swimming pool. Yes, I know that feeling of it being so hot it melts the candles! Thanks for letting us in on your special day.


  4. It looks like a lot of fun. We have several inches of snow on the ground and will not have warm weather for months.

  5. Looking very Australian in your back yard yesterday. It's very hot here in Brisbane tonight too.

  6. That looks like fun~ I just came over from cozy little house..and I am your new follower ~ stop on by my little blog ~ have a great day ;-)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet you in the blogging world here.
    What a fun and beautiful photo you had with ur family and friends, looks like everyone are enjoying the Australia Day. Thanks for sharing...

    FYI, I've followed you now and add you on my bloglist friends.

    Mine is up here we can exlinks pls.

    I'm linking you to all my blogsite, hope to see you there some time.

    Have a wonderful day always.

  8. first time visiting, I was in Oz, we were on a boat in Surfers. last year. Yesterday, I watch Oprah in Oz.