Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New House ,please help me choose!

We are looking at buying a new(old) house ,I am leaning towards the Art Deco one ,here is the link

I think this can, with a lot of work be a beautiful home this is the house my heart wants ,definitley the walls need to be knocked out in the whole middle section with the kitchen to the back , a new kitchen is a must I think this kitchen is beyond saving and is not original it looks more like the 70's,the outside should be ok with a fresh coat of paint , and then there is the Spanish inspired house below

This is my second choice and I think that it is the more sensible one ,it still needs a lot of work but more cosmetic rather than structural .I can really see lots of bouganvillea in the garden and lots of white paint and dark stained floor boards and possibly painitin the vaulted ceiling white?

I would really love to know what you would do and which one you would choose?

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  1. Oh, what choices! My question is, which one has the best layout for the way you live? Hands down, that's my biggest criteria when choosing a home because you can't change it! Good luck with your decision!! :)