Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Back Yard

Our backyard gets lots of sun(not today though) and hardy plants are the best way to go. New Zealand cabbage tree ,not sure of the ground cover

Crepe Myrtle

In pots are petunias and geraniums

Minature date palm

All of theses are pots in the garden as the soil has lots of clay and poor drainage I find that putting them in a terracotta pot in the garden they grow much better


  1. Thank you so much for coming over and linking up with Cottage Flora Thursday...I especially love your crepe myrtle pretty in bloom! Curious what garden zone you are in?

  2. I so love Crepe Myrtles too and they have developed ones that are more hardy and less susceptible to mildew which was a real problem here ,below is a link of the Australian zones ,we are Zone 4 (Aus) or Zone 10(US)
    It really depends on if we are in drought ,we are not at the moment and the weather is subtropical lots of rain and humidity ,but during driught we are more ,temperate to Arid this is the summer ,then in winter we can get frost over night and daytime temps up to 23 degrees Celcius or 73 F ,this can make gardening a real challenge :) but very rewarding all the same.