Monday, January 17, 2011

Hmmmm Whats for Dinner this Week

I have found the best way as a working mum to stay organised is to plan and shop for the family meals in one go and set out the menu for next week the week before ,now that is the theory ,sticking to it is an altogether different thing.
My excuse for not doing so recently is ' Christmas ' but now it is all over and I am starting this week ,actually I started yesterday so I will include last nights dinner.
First of all so that you might understand my choices ,I am going to explain my personal issues that I need to deal with every day and I know for everyone its different.
I also know that now that I have posted this I must continue to do so.

1. Healthy Food - I am sure this would be first on most of our lists

2. Try to Please 4 Adults - My husband who is a meat/fish/chicken and 3 veg type ,me I like a bit of spice and prefer chicken , our daughter who would like to be a vegetarian but just likes her meat too much, our son who I would call a white food eater potatoes ,chicken,some meat ,corn ,rice and thats it he hates all vegetables and we are talking about a 19 year old but I am still trying ,even with all of these different tastes I refuse to cook more than one meal for all of us if you don't like don't eat it they can all choose to cook their own food from what is avialble but they must clean up after themselves ,it is surprising how much they will persevere and eat what is given to them!

3. Budget - We all have a budget so of course this is a consideration

4. Lifestyle - I need to fit into our lifestyle -my husband works 9 to 10 hour days as a Civil Site Manager so comes home ravenous and needs a large meal ,I work from home as a Mortgage Broker so usually 2 nights a week I need to visit clients so my husband has to cook/reheat ,daughter often goes to the gym after her working all day as a Media Research analyst in the city and most nights she does not come in until 9pm and she ravenous of course ,son he is a college student but at 19 he is permanently hungry so constantly needs to be fed

Tips on Planning a menu and sticking to it - I only ever plan dinners for 5 days any more than this and it can be boring ,so on the Weekends and sometimes Fridays it is left up to what we feel like and when we feel like it and with kids who are really young adults and are in and out the house it can be hard to plan so we often have 'Catch and Kill your own' sounds appetising hmmm but it works for us .I generally keep on hand the makings of homemade pizza which we do on the BBQ ,hamburgers again on the BBQ and really anything else that can be cooked on the BBQ I even do roast dinners on the BBQ, anything that helps keep the house cool and its also more fun!
I  stick menu on the fridge so that I don't get that question "whats for dinner" ,and if the kids don't come in to eat as they both have healthy social lives then my husband just packs it into a plastic container and takes it to work the next day ,he loves leftovers ,in fact when you read my menu you may think what huge eaters we are but its important to know that often its what my husband takes for his lunch the next day, he hates to spend money on takeaway food.

                   Sharons Menu Plan No 1:

Monday-  Savoury Vegetable Mince -a great one pot meal
1KG Mince beef -low fat
2 onions
4 carrots
1 1/2 cups peas
6 potatoes diced
Curry Powder, Worcestshire sauce ,beef stock ,tomatoe sauce -to taste
Corn flour to thicken
Cook for and hour until vegetables are done

Tuesday- Chicken Fajitas _Aussie Style
1 Kg Chicken breast diced and marinated in nandos marinade
stir fry onions ,capsicum, mushrooms and chillis
Fajita bread
Low fat sour cream
Grated Cheese
Fresh lettuce and Tomatoes

Wednesday - Chicken Snitzel and Vegetables -Husband cooking
6 Chicken snitzels -spray with olive oil and bake until brown and cooked through
Oven fry chips
Fresh corn
Frozen peas

Thursday - Prawn Arrabiata and spaghetti -Husband Cooking
750g Green peeled prawns
2 jars of arrabiatta sauce
Extra chilli
so easy but so tasty

Friday -no cooking this Friday as we are going to a Fundraising Dinner for the Queensland floods

From now on I will continue to post my upcoming menu every Thursday for the following week ,hopefully this will help me be a bit more creative also. I know that Jen at Frugal Fabulous does this every Monday so you may like to pop over and have a look at her posts on the following link:
Jens family is much younger than mine so her menus are quite different as are the needs of her family.

I would love to hear what you think of my menu , do you do something similiar or even better I am always looking at ways to improve what I do.
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  1. I am coming over Wed, and Thursday...oh heck I will just stay for the weekend! Thank for entering the giveaway, and good luck.

  2. Looks yummy. I love your Aussie words that are different. Like I assume fry chips are what we call french fries? Or maybe they really are like potato chips? I don't know what a snitzel is so I am going to google it.

    My "rules" are much like yours. I make dinner and you eat it. If you don't like it, eat it anyway. Either that or make something else and clean it up, just as you said.

    My 22 year old is away at college and I try and make some of his favorites when he is home on a break.

    I am excited that you linked up to the meme!