Friday, January 7, 2011

After The Rain a Sunny Sydney Saturday morning

This morning was a I woke up to a beautiful Sunny Sydney Saturday morning ,we had rain overnight and all the plants and the garden where fresh and still had raindrops on them ,what could I do of course get out the camera and take some more photos .

Rusted old wheelbarrow with a new life as a planter for Geraniums

Rose garden under planting a Weeping Cherry (which although very health has NEVER flowered in 12 years)

Weeping Cherry that has never flowered ,my mother who is not a gardener calls it a Sad Grape(who knows)
Jasminoides planted by my neighbours but spills niceley over my fence

Bird of Paradise plant

Date Palm Transplanted 12 years ago and never watered or fertilised since

Stairs to bottom rear garden

Shady bottom rear garden fence climbing Jasmin and ferns

Last of all one the many lizards who call our garden home sunning in the early morning sun.
We never spray pesticides in the garden if we can help it , for the roses I use a mix of milk and water for aphids and dead head regularly ,minimimal use of fertilser and I prefer seawead solutions and Dynamic lifter, I believe the spiders ,lizards and birds then have plenty eat and keep the bugs down to minimum.Recently though the mosquitos have been at record levels so we did spray those because they are a health hazard and can carry Ross River Fever etc.

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  1. A rainy Sydney Sunday,just perfect for our gardens.My plants are loving it,my dog, not so much..xx