Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Time

It's soon to be a New Year and with that comes my resolution to update this blog regularly ,I set it up early this year and sadly so far I have not posted anything ,all that must change! Enough of reading everyone elses amazing stories and drooling of the georgous pictures ,it's time for me to contribute too.I will start with some late Spring pictures of my garden ,but first a bit of background ,we built our house about 12 years ago and to say it was blank slate is an understatement ,I will try shortly to post some before photos .Living on the Northern outskirts of Sydney is a harsh climate cold wet winters with frost and scorching humid to dry summer heat ,which can make gardening a challenge but I hope we are slowly getting there.

At the top of this post is my back courtyard garden in late spring and then there is the clivea Garden in front of my patio and last of all my front garden with a bit of a folley and the "stairs to nowhere" .I can see that I am really going to have to improve the quality of my photography!


  1. Oh, i love your courtyard! Yes, please post garden pictures as i'm always looking to see new gardens! You'll have to come check out my blog and see my garden pics too! Right now though there is snow on the ground in Seattle & everything is sticks & stones & i am cringing at what may be dying in this cold snap we are having! brrr outside! xoxo

  2. Hi Tracie,
    Thankyou for your wonderful comment ,I will definitley be taking a look at your blog ,it seems we may be having the opposite problem ,it is going to be a scorcher today 40C (99F)an I am going to have to water my pots at least twice ,the lawn and all of the trees and shribs are on their own.
    Have a Wondeful New Year!